Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No News is Good News

I have been absent for more than a year while the office was under construction, but I have not forgotten my BlogFriends!  It is good to be back. 

I am now in a new phase of nursing, having attained the exquisitely harrowing position of RN Case Manager.  I manage up to 30 patients at a time, usually working with a Bluetooth and WiFi from the front seat of our trusty Dodge.  So far the only drawback has been occasional loneliness, but then the patient mix changes and suddenly there are more in-town patients.  Who has a chance to get lonely when there are only 10 road minutes between visits?  I have Mr Prattle this month, too, and my ears are bent flat to my head when I come out of there.  (I didn't think anyone could babble nonstop for an hour like that.)  Meanwhile, back at the office we have new students, which I love. 

The summer so far has been hot, humid, and very wet; I count myself fortunate that I have not yet driven into a sinkhole or been covered by a landslide.  The rain has been good for the garden, but on the other side of the house we are growing a crop of kamikaze bamboo which threatens to grow thick and wide enough to enshroud the entire house. On my days off I am losing the Bamboo Battle...or perhaps I am just bamboozled.