Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gone to La-La Land

Apologies for months of no blog entries; Nurse Philosopher has been working a second job with Sweetie Husband which took a whole lot longer than anyone anticipated. 

We were elated when the project at La-La Land Care Center came through, failing to appreciate how it was strategically timed to fall athwart of every other plan we had for the next 60 days.  A few lessons learned: first, I'm not too old to burn the candle at both ends, but the flame meets in the middle a lot faster than it used to.  Second, I don't ever want to work in an Alzheimer's unit!  Just shoot me and send me to a place where patients don't pull on your leg while you're 4 feet up on a scaffold.  Third, when a worker doesn't show, you can call him and yell, but when you get the flu yourself, you're just SOL.  Last, I can personally attest to the reason-destroying properties of Christmas Muzak.  Work beneath a speaker pouring out Christmas drivel should be regulated by OSHA..  Heavily. 

Anyway, we send best wishes of the season to all the folks at La-La Land Care Center.  We're certain you can figure out where the gift deodorizers go.  Those small Christmas bags for the nurses contain earplugs; we hope they'll save the sanity of a nurse or two and help them cope with the continual din at La-La.  

Peace on Earth at last!

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