Monday, January 17, 2011

Post-Holiday Slump

I hate the Grey Days of January & February.  We've been slow at work, too; people have been placed on-call and called off every day for the past two weeks, as if the patients themselves wanted to avoid going out.  Then it began to snow and suddenly the ER filled up and we admitted three patients overnight.  I'll never understand human behavior when it comes to hospitals and snow.  Did everyone wait to have the PNA/UTI/pancreatitis so they could be in hospital while it snowed?

The last snowstorm dumped 10-12 inches on us and the county authority is complaining bitterly about the cost of scraping and sanding the roads.  It's sleeting again so here comes more road mess.

The one bright spot has been floating to Ortho, where I was welcomed.  I found someone had created a full set of patient care protocols, which made the night go more smoothly than expected.  I actually enjoyed myself, pushing a Stinger portable computer into patient rooms to pass meds and chart assessments.  Even though it got busy at 0500, it was still a manageable shift.  I gathered some ideas I will use when back on my own unit.  Comparing my Ortho experience to the other unit, I observed how much more random detail is required on medical.   It's a wonder we ever get anything done.  When I see how far medical has to go before patient care will proceed smoothly, I am daunted. 

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  1. Don't be daunted! I know you can do this and do it well!!!!