Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bad Gut Weekend

We had a 3-for-one special on GI bleeders this weekend. This offer was extended to all of the unit, not just my section, so everyone could share in the fun.  All of the bleeders were morbidly obese and helpless in the face of bloody diarrhea; all of them fractious and feeling like hammered shit.  Naturally PRBC’s and fluids were running in rivers, and lab techs appeared almost hourly to draw another round of H&H. 
There was no CNA on duty of course (no CNA was to be had for love nor money) and so another RN partially filled the role.  Brainy as we are, an RN does not have the same skills as an experienced CNA.  Having an extra nurse made it possible to actually care for the people we charge the insurer for having cared for, and I was relieved that no one’s doctor chewed out the day staff because his patient’s weight or some such was not recorded.  That was nice.  However, think what replacing a CNA with an RN does to the budget then next time you hear a call for budget cuts. 
Add to that one out of control detox patient who appeared to have returned to baseline (cursing, leaping out of bed/falling down, unable to make sense of conversation) and you have the makings of a Full Moon Weekend. Except it wasn't a full moon, it was just a weekend.

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