Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It was past noon and I was driving like a native; that is, more or less down the middle of  a two-lane road, in a hurry to get down the mountain and on to my next patient.   I was also hungry; the hot tea and banana I'd had upon leaving the office had completely worn off.  After several unsuccessful attempts to fetch my lunch box, I lost patience with it.  "For heaven's sake!" I snarled as I pulled over and snared the insulated box from the passenger side floor.  

I was pleased to see Big Sweetie had packed me a piece of leftover pizza, some apricot-pecan cake, a yogurt cup, and cold water in a non-BPA bottle.  With no traffic in sight, I was free to savor this little meal by the roadside.  Nearby ox-eye daisies nodded in the breeze and I could see the jacaranda flowers were just about spent.  A bluegrass tune floated out of my CD player, ancient as the place where I stood.  

At the end of nursing school I was voted "Best at Carrying Her Lunch" which, being poor but always hungry, I did with some regularity.  This amused my wealthier classmates no end and I let them have their little joke because I wasn't about to go hungry just to impress them.  I had no idea it would prove good training for the future.  

Then I poured myself another cup of tea, checked my GPS, and pushed on, still chewing on remains of the cake.  Time and tide...and patients...wait for no man.

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