Sunday, April 22, 2012

Peace and Quiet

Sunday is my favorite day to work.  Sunday is usually a quiet day with a lighter patient load.  I enjoy meeting visiting family members and everyone seems more relaxed.  The radio plays hours of Celtic-Blue Grass music as I drive back roads mercifully free of excess traffic.  In general, patients scheduled for a Sunday really have a need to be seen and it's always nice to be needed.    Today even the weather cooperated to put me in a cheery frame of mind.

Often clients ask me about my weekend work, as if it might be a terrible burden or something.  One recent client  remarked at length how pleased she was that a nurse had been able to visit on a Sunday.  "You don't have to work every Sunday, do you?" she asked.  "I work the weekend," I replied, "unless I'm on vacation.".  Her eyes flew open and she exclaimed, "Oh my!  Why do you do that?"  I smiled.

"You remember the old Star Trek movies?  The one where Commander Uhura says," (I put on my best no-nonsense Uhura look and continued)  'Peace and  quiet appeals to me, Lieutenant.'"

watch for it at 1:38  Happy Sunday!

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